Frequently Asked Questions

Job seeker

How do I get started?

You click on Register and fill in your details. You can upload a photo and a copy of your CV. You will get a confirmation email from us once your profile is activated. It takes about 5 min to complete registration. You can also click on the Help button on your profile page for additional information.

How will recruiters find me?

Once you have registered your profile, companies can search the database by defining one or more of the following criteria: Title, Level, Expertise, Education and Location. Recruiters can then contact you directly.

Can I change my picture?

You can login at any time and change your information and attachments. Be sure that your profile picture is professional and of good resolution.

I don’t want my current company to see that I am registered. What can I do?

You can click on “Active jobseeker” and your profile will be featured on the front page on a rotating basis. Otherwise your profile will only be in the database for recruiters to find.

I really need a job. What can I do?

You can search the job database to see if there are any jobs that matches your profile or you can upgrade to Premium and you will be featured on frontpage and you will receive a message when a job matching your profile is posted. You can also upload more attachments, such as diplomas, articles and links to own website or social media.

I don’t see my job title on the list. What can I do?

The job titles are short – typically what you would find on a business card or on your employment contract. If you feel that it is important to list a different title, send us a message and we will evaluate and add it to the list if appropriate.

I have several skills. How do I list them?

You can list any additional information in the -----------------TBD

What else can I do to find a new job?

Follow our News section with information about new projects around the world, either new developments or expansions, typically where new jobs will become available in the near future. We will try to list the jobs but sometimes you will have to check directly on the career webpages of each company. (You can go to the Park/Company database and see contact details for selected companies) TBD

What happens when I apply for a job online?

You follow the instructions in the job posting. Sometimes you can write directly to company and sometimes you fill the form and the company will review and answer you directly.

How much does it cost?

To register in database or as Active Jobseeker is completely free. Registering is a way for you to be discovered by industry recruiters, whether you are actively looking or simply want to make yourself visible for new job opportunities. (A Premium package is available for US$ 50, which will give you a number of additional services. See more on your Profile page under Upgrade)

What kind of jobs can I find?

The type and number of jobs will vary all the time but you can find jobs in all countries, all levels and all disciplines within the Leisure & Entertainment industry: Planning, Design, Construction, Fit-out, Operations and Vendors, with a number of sub-categories under each.

Will LEAZ interview me if I apply for a job?

Most of the time you will be in contact with the Job provider directly. For some companies LEAZ will conduct a pre-screening for the company and present them with a short-list of suitable candidates.

How can I improve my chances of finding a new job?

Make sure that your profile information is up to date and relevant. Under Services you can get help with your CV if needed and you can take a Personality/Management Profile test.

How can I find out what salary I shall expect or ask for?

Take part in our anonymous salary survey and see average salaries by country, by position and by company.

For any other questions, please send us an email: [email protected]